Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sierra Leone elections: campaigning...

Right now I am sitting in my flat, wearing a green shirt and very much aware of the fact that I should change clothes before heading out tonight. In the era of political campaigning one must think about the colors he/she puts on. 

It's a bit strange to think that elections are on Saturday. Everything seems quite normal today, which is a good thing. Having said that, I just called Osman who is upcountry and was driving through Bo and all I could hear were whistles and shouting. Today is an SLPP rally day in Bo! So, lots of noise there. Tomorrow is the final day of campaigning/rallies and in the urban Western Area it is designated to SLPP. So- it will be a very busy and noisy 'GREEN' day tomorrow. 

I guess I should be wise and get enough water, basic food items, phone credit, etc. just in case things go haywire. However, I really think we'll be okay. Fingers crossed and many prayers said.

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