Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sierra Leone elections: 2 weeks to go

Two weeks from today Sierra Leonean citizens will be lining up at polling centers to cast their votes for the Presidential elections. So far, there have not been any major problems and everyone is hoping it will stay that way. There have been various rallies over the past few weeks, with the two main parties (SLPP and APC) attracting large crowds of people. In Freetown, the rallies have been loud but peaceful. For the most part, people seem to be having a good time. Around town their are billboards with large pictures of presidential candidates. People are wearing shirts in the color affiliated with their political party. Songs on the radio convey messages around making sure the elections are peaceful. And posters have been plastered on walls throughout town encouraging people to know the person they are voting for (not just the party color), ensure there is no violence, highlighting the importance of good governance, etc. Two weeks and counting. Lets commit to no violence.


Bob (Bingo) Wright said...

It always raises my spirits to hear elections going off peacefully... said...

Very good blog.

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