Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's all relative...

On my way back from the hospital I realized (again) that I complain too much. You see, this morning I planned to go to the opening ceremony of a new Chinese built hospital, however, when I got into the Land Rover, it wouldn't start. The annoying thing is that we had used it twenty minutes earlier to get to the Children's hospital, without any problems. Of course, this breakdown meant that instead of going to Jui Hospital, I would be stuck sorting out a car. Oh well. Actually, I wasn't thinking 'oh well' at the time. I was pretty frustrated and grumpy but looking back, it really was not a big deal. Fortunately the car was fixed by 3 pm and around 4 pm we were able to drive away from the Children's hospital to head West. While driving up King street I noticed a car that had ended up in the ditch. It looked like it would be stuck there for a while. At least that didn't happen to us. I realized right away that I shouldn't complain. Whoever owns that car is far worse off than I was this morning! You see, it really is all relative. I really can't complain. It's time to look at the bright side of life. Time to focus on the things that go well and make me smile, rather than the things that go wrong and could potentially make me grumpy. So here are a few things I'm happy about tonight: 

  • the mechanic that fixed the Land Rover
  • our driver who has never driven us into a ditch
  • a run along Lumley beach (although tough since I haven't been running for months)
  • the amazing sunset
  • Osman picking me up and dropping me off at home
  • and so much more.

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