Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sierra Leone elections: SLPP in the stadium...

At this moment thousands of SLPP supporters are in Freetown's national stadium awaiting the arrival of their presidential candidate, Maada Bio and vice presidential candidate, Kadie Sesay. Earlier this afternoon supporters were seen parading from Bottom Mango, Wilberforce down to Lumley. At about 14:30 hours my friend joined them and walked via Lumley along Wilkinson Road all the way to the national football stadium in Brookfields. Hundreds of people walked along Wilkinson road, blowing whistles and vuvuzelas, dancing and singing. My friend reports that "everyone is enjoying themselves, I didn't think it would be so much fun". Two hours later, they are seated in the stadium, listening to various speeches and continuing to make a joyful noise. For now, everything is peaceful and friendly. Former president Tejan Kabba and various other SLPP candidates for councils are also present; everyone is waiting for the arrival of the candidates. My friend tells me that screen shots are being shown in the stadium of Maada Bio making his way to the stadium from Kissy Road and Kadie Sesay making her way from Lumley, both with a trail of people behind them. The waiting continues. I can only imagine the explosion of noise and celebration that will take place when the SLPP candidate enters the stadium and addresses his supporters.

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