Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sierra Leone elections: 1 week to go...

It's really is just another Saturday in Freetown but there is a slightly different feel to today as this is the Saturday before the elections. A week from today people will be casting their votes. My feeling is that everything will be peaceful but people are being cautious. Some of my expat friends were buying their supply of water and food today for the next few weeks, just in case. The US embassy held a 'town hall' meeting and said they expect everything to stay calm, but if something happens, it will likely be between the election day and the day the results are announced. If a party claims to have won, prior to the official announcement, that could cause trouble. So it's really the week post election day that warrants some more cautiousness. I'm going to the British High Commission this weekend for a meeting to find out what their insight is. The plan right now is to go to the hospital (on the east side of town) on Monday and assume it will be fine. I think Tuesday through Friday however, we will work on the West side of town. On election day itself I'm not sure what I'll do. Some NGO's will have lock downs - so their staff is not allowed to go anywhere. I don't think we've come to a decision yet, but it's probably wise! What happens after election day is yet to be decided. So, prayers are welcome for a peaceful next couple of weeks! There is another APC (red) rally tomorrow and a final SLPP (green) rally on Thursday. Let's pray that whatever party wins will be able to move Sierra Leone forward in a way that is beneficial to its people.

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